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Disappointment Over Cancellation of One Voice "People's Summit" in Jericho

Friday 19th October 2007

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has written to some of the coordinators of the OneVoice Movement, a grass roots movement empowering those who support a peacefully negotiated two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, offering his prayers and support after security concerns led to the cancellation of a mass gathering in Jericho.

The OneVoice Movement had been planning simultaneous peace concerts on October 18th in Jericho and Tel Aviv, to give a voice to hundreds of thousands of ordinary Israeli and Palestinian citizens who want to see the end of violence. The Archbishop had recorded a video message of support which was to be broadcast at the event.
Dr Rowan Williams praised the work of those involved in the OneVoice Movement and their commitment 'to a peaceful settlement to the current conflict'.

The full transcript can be read below:

I write to let you know how deeply disappointed I was to learn of the cancellation of the "People's Summit" in Jericho and Tel Aviv that had been planned for today, and the circumstances that led to this. 

It is, of course, right that OneVoice should put first the safety of all those who had committed themselves to take part in Jericho and I am in complete sympathy with the solidarity shown by the organisers of the parallel Tel Aviv event. Taking these decisions must have been heart-breaking for all those who had put such a tremendous amount of work into what promised to be an unprecedented opportunity for the voices of the "silent majority" to demonstrate their commitment to a peaceful settlement to the current conflict.

Through you I should like to offer my encouragement to the members of your Palestinian and Israeli teams, and those working with them internationally. Their commitment to the vision that seeks to empower ordinary citizens, and provide an effective vehicle for them to press the political leadership towards finding a solution, is greatly valued.  Please be assured of my prayers and support in the difficult weeks and months ahead for OneVoice the cause of the peace it promotes.

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