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This is an archived website containing material relating to Dr Rowan Williams’ time as Archbishop of Canterbury, which ended on 31st December 2012

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International Development on the agenda at the Lambeth Conference

Thursday 24th July 2008

The Lambeth Conference is one of the global Anglican Communion's Instruments of Communion. The current Archbishop of Canterbury - Rowan Williams -- called the latest Lambeth Conference for July 2008.

The Lambeth Conference is the one occasion when all bishops can meet for worship, study and conversation. Archbishops, diocesan, assistant and suffragan bishops are invited. Also invited are bishops from other churches 'in communion' with the Anglican Communion, bishops from United Churches and a number of ecumenical guests.

MDG day on 23rd July

'Lambeth Daily' report for the day from the Lambeth Conference

The theme on 23rd July was the Bishop's role in transforming society and social justice. This day provided a forum to discuss many of the issues affecting Anglican churches and their communities. The majority of the 80 million members of the Anglican Communion are from developing countries.

Douglas Alexander visits the Lambeth Conference

The Reverend David Peck, the Archbishop of Canterbury's former Secretary for International Development addressed Douglas Alexander, the Secretary of State for International Development, with a number of bishops including the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, to highlight the role the church in education in fragile state settings and the church's role in scholastic development. 

Revd. David Peck, Douglas Alexander, Bishop Nyaboho of Makamba, Burundi


Revd. David Peck, Archbishop of Canterbury's Secretary for International Development, Douglas Alexander, Secretary of State for International Development and Bishop Nyaboho of Makamba, Burundi. 



Women's Rights must be achieved if MDGs are to be reached

Helen Wangusa, the Anglican Observer to the UN, spoke out to highlight the lack of progress being made towards gender equality and empowerment, women as participants in paid work and maternal health.

Ms Wangusa emphasised that women are integral to community building and the alleviating of suffering.  She added that the Anglican Church is integral to achieving these overall goals, even in areas where conflict and antagonism towards the church complicates development efforts.

"If gender and women's empowerment are not taken into account, we will not achieve any development, even with our MDGs as a framework," she said. "If we look at the world through a gender filter, it will inform us of what needs to happen in all of our goals."

Walk of Witness on 24th July 2008

Walk of Witness at the Lambeth Conference

On 24th July at the Lambeth Conference, Dr Rowan Williams was joined in his plea to governments across the world by UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who addressed the audience of 650 Anglican bishops and representatives from other faith groups and Churches. The rally, set in the courtyard of Lambeth Palace, followed a walk of witness through central London, where up to 1,500 faith leaders, diplomats, parliamentarians and NGO heads took to the streets to highlight the urgent need for more action on tackling poverty through sustainable solutions.

"This is the catholic faith – a global vision for a global wound, a global claim on our service... that what is owed to them is no different from, no less than what is owed to any of the rest of us. That was the faith to which we witnessed in our march in London. And if the message of this Conference is silent about this, something has gone very wrong."

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